The training was excellent. The information was extremely helpful and actionable. We found the materials all extremely helpful and well presented. An excellent course series!

-Margaret Nieter, Chief Innovation Officer
CommunityWide FCU

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In order to survive and thrive in the current times, it is important for community banks and credit unions to turn their website into a high-performing digital branch!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Turn Your FI Website Into a High-Performing Digital Branch

    • Full Course - 10 Chapters - 60 minutes recording

    • Course Presentation Slides

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    Course Outline

    • Chapter 1: What a digital branch is not

    • Chapter 2: A digital branch and how to begin from where you are

    • Chapter 3: Setting the Stage for Digital Success

    • Chapter 4: Strategic Shifts At Every Marketing Level

    • Chapter 6: What is a Digital Branch

    • Chapter 7: Building a Digital Branch Step 1 - Conduct a Full Digital Assessment

    • Chapter 8: Building a Digital Branch Step 2 - Create Your Digital Roadmap

    • Chapter 9: Building a Digital Branch Step 3 - Implement and Optimize

    • (BONUS) Chapter 10: Case Studies

Course Instructor


Meredith Olmstead

Meredith is the CEO of FI GROW Solutions, a financial institution digital marketing agency with team members and clients nationwide. Under Meredith's leadership, her team has truly mastered creating a cohesive digital investment strategy that yields guaranteed results. As a partner and innovator, Meredith loves using her background in teaching to help clients build the internal skills necessary to achieve lasting digital growth.

Chief Strategy Officer

Penne VanderBush

With over 10 years of experience in financial industry marketing, and former VP of Marketing for the largest state-chartered credit union in Vermont, Penne joined FI GROW Solutions as a Chief Strategy Officer with a desire to help financial institutions build and implement digital strategies to stay relevant in the evolving Fintech landscape. Her holistic approach to sales and marketing strategies integrates retail, operations, IT and other areas of the institution to ensure success upon implementation. Penne focuses on increasing engagement, ROI, and bottom line impact by implementing social, digital, and inbound methodologies that align with your strategic plan.

Lauren D.

VP of Professional Development

“Meredith delivers an impactful and energetic presentation that leaves attendees with many takeaways for their respective organizations. Always thought-provoking and leaving the audience eager for more! A delight to work with, I highly recommend Meredith for any event where you are considering digital marketing.”