Course curriculum

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    Social Media Ads - How to Attract the Right Audience to Your Financial Institution

    • Full Course - 9 Chapters - Total 69 minutes

    • Step By Step Implementation Guide - Printable PDF

    • Course Presentation Slides - Printable PDF

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    Course Outline

    • Chapter 1: Basic Campaign Structure for Financial Institutions (18 Minutes)

    • Chapter 2: Selecting Ad Types to Drive Accounts and Loans (24 Minutes)

    • Chapter 3: Creating Custom Audiences to Target Your Local Community (8 Minutes)

    • Chapter 4: The Right Social Ad Budget to Drive Results for Banks and Credit Unions (3 Minutes)

    • Chapter 5: Importance of Special Ad Category Designation for Financial Institutions (1 Minutes)

    • Chapter 6: Ad Content - Do's and Don't List for Financial Institutions (3 Minutes)

    • Chapter 7: Ad Copy that Converts Accounts and Loans (2 Minutes)

    • Chapter 8: Tracking and Reporting Conversions for Accounts and Loans (2 Minutes)

    • BONUS: Examples of Winning Social Media Ads in the Financial Industry (5 Minutes)

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Instructor Bio

Digital Ads Manager

Ida Burr

Ida has a passion for the ever-changing digital world and helping financial institutions capture their ideal customers through ads. With over 6-years of experience specifically doing digital marketing and content development in the banking industry, Ida seeks out the latest trends, as her goal is always to ensure the best results for FI GROW’s clients. Working with many financial institutions over the years, Ida has identified tips and tricks relevant to the industry to attract new potential customers and engage current customers through digital channels.


Meredith Olmstead

Meredith is the CEO of FI GROW Solutions, a financial institution digital marketing agency with team members and clients nationwide. Under Meredith's leadership, her team has truly mastered creating a cohesive digital investment strategy that yields guaranteed results. As a partner and innovator, Meredith loves using her background in teaching to help clients build the internal skills necessary to achieve lasting digital growth.

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The training was excellent. The information was extremely helpful and actionable. We found the materials all extremely helpful and well presented. An excellent course series!

-Margaret Nieter, Chief Innovation Officer
CommunityWide FCU

What We Cover

COURSE NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND. Social Media platforms are constantly changing, making it difficult to stay current. We'll show you how to build a successful and agile paid social media strategy.

  • Ad Types You Should be Using

  • Audiences for Focus

  • Setting Your Social Ad Budget

  • Targeting with Special Ad Categories

  • Content & Copy that Really Works

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Kristi A.

VP of Information Development

"Meredith gave an excellent presentation at GCUA's annual convention on social media. She has a knack for making something that can be confusing and overwhelming understandable. She provided our credit unions with ideas that they could immediately take back to their shop and implement."